The UXi® dashboard displays the admin toolbar on the left edge of the screen. It contains the following back-end links:

Dashboard: This area will display a welcome message, any recent activity, and the company info.

Posts: Add or edit posts, post categories, and post tags here.

Media Library: Upload and organize images or documents.

Pages: Edit and organize pages.

Comments: Moderate comments left on pages & posts.

Testimonials: Manage client testimonials.

Forms: Create or edit forms, manage form entries, import & export existing forms.

Appearance: Create & edit menus here.

Users: Manage site users.

Tools: Import content from other sources, export your content, or bulk update images.

UXi® Settings: This section contains site-wide settings including titles, icons, seo, images, and more. Learn More».

UXi® Add-Ons: Manage active UXi® add-ons.

Social Share: Add social sharing to pages and/or posts. (Supports Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter)

Custom CSS: Custom css can be added in specific cases.

Front-end Editor: Open the site in a new tab with the front-end toolbar to make changes or content edits.