Forms can be used to generate a quote, calculate costs, or a number of other mathematical functions. 

Before doing any actual calculating though, the form will need some numbers to use. Most form field types can be used in one way or another, but the checkbox and list fields will be most commonly used.

Using 'Calc' Numbers

For example, add a list field and assign a "calc" number to each of your list options. To add or subtract a value when a user checked or unchecked a checkbox, add calc numbers to each option. In this example, when a user selects 'no' they will add $10.00 to the overall cost. 


Note: When adding calc numbers, it is important to use the description field to explain the calculation. IE: *The purchase of a National Coalition of Gnarly Mountaineers Membership will add $10 to your overall total and you will be required to upload a photo for your membership card.

Using Calculation Fields

Once there are values associated with fields, add calculation fields. There are three types: 

Automatically Total Calculation Values: A field that adds all calculation items to the 'Total' field. Just add a 'Total' field after this to display the total amount. 

The example below would simply add all calculation fields in the form together to be displayed in the 'Total' field.


Specify Operations And Fields (Advanced): 

A calculation created by selecting fields from a dropdown list of all form fields. Drag n drop the fields, select operators, then add a 'Total' field to display the total amount. 


The example below would add field 38 and field 57 to be displayed in the 'Total' field.

Use An Equation (Advanced): A calculation created manually. Enter calculation equations here using field_x where x is the ID of the field you want to use then add a 'Total' field to display the total amount. 

The example below will multiply field 38 times 100, as in the examples above, the sum is displayed with the 'Total' field. 

Multiple operators can be added: field_53 + field_28 * field_65; or in this case

Complex equations can be created by adding parentheses: ( field_45 * field_2 ) / 2. 

Please use these operators: 

+ to add. 

- to subtract. 

* to multiply. 

/ to divide.