How to Remote Login

Please follow the instructions below to sign into your desktop computer using remote  connection.

  1. There is no password to login to thin clients. Simply press enter to login
  2. On the desktop there is a “Remote Desktop” icon.  
  3. Double click the remote desktop icon to open.  

Once the Remote Desktop opens you will be prompted to use a “Computer Name” This is the name of your desktop. 


To find your computer name you will need to go to your desktop> Press the windows icon > Hover to “Computer” > Right Click on “Computer” > Then hover to “Properties” then click that. A screen will open and your computers name will be displayed here. This is Windows 10, but 7 will have the same layout. It will always  say “Computer Name:”

Once you have your computer name you are ready to use Remote Desktop. Input your computers name into the “Computer:” Field then press connect.

Once you have pressed connect you will be prompted to login. This will be your email address and password that you use to login to your computer. Press “OK” then you will be logged onto your desktop. 

You are ready! Great Job!!